„The unfashionable truth is that the only way to take direct responsibility for [your] emissions is to enable an equivalent amount to be absorbed, or avoid being emitted, elsewhere. In short, to offset.”
Martin Wright, (Guardian Sustainable Business)

Carbon neutrality is an inescapable element of ecological sustainability. (László A. Rampasek)

Be Carbon Neutral!

Címke: sustainable future

We do take steps towards a sustainable future - OurOffsetOurOffset is one of the most dynamic and innovative enterprises in the voluntary carbon credit market which provides access to the business opportunities offered by the voluntary carbon credit market for private individuals and business clients alike. Now everybody can have a chance to be part of a professional, dedicated community and, in addition to their own goals and purposes, work shoulder to shoulder to create a sustainable future for all. We are the first on the market to offer VCS to offset millions of tons of carbon dioxide by high-value, authentic carbon credits that can be traced and checked.