„The unfashionable truth is that the only way to take direct responsibility for [your] emissions is to enable an equivalent amount to be absorbed, or avoid being emitted, elsewhere.
In short, to offset.”
(Martin Wright, Guardian Sustainable Business)

“Carbon neutrality is an inescapable element
of ecological sustainability.”
(László A. Rampasek)

Be Carbon Neutral!

Bank information

Company name: OurOffset Nonprofit LLC
Bank information | OurOffset Nonprofit LLC.Address: 9600 Sárvár, Alkotmány u. 69. 1. em. 8. Hungary
Company Register No.: 18-09-114028
EUID: HUOCCSZ. 18-09-114028
TAX No.: 26796123-1-18
EU TAX No.: HU26796123
E-mail: [email protected]
Telefon number: +36703414043
Mailing address: 9600 Sárvár, Alkotmány u. 69. 1. em. 8. Hungary

Bank name: K&H BANK Zrt. – Hungary

Beneficiary: OurOffset Nonprofit LLC.

Bank account number EUR: 10404845-50526853-54491014

Bank account number HUF: 10404845-50526853-54491007

International Bank Account Number:
IBAN: HU80 10404845-50526853-54491014       EUR (euro)
IBAN: HU75 10404845-50526853-54491007       HUF (forint)