„The unfashionable truth is that the only way to take direct responsibility for [your] emissions is to enable an equivalent amount to be absorbed, or avoid being emitted, elsewhere.
In short, to offset.”
(Martin Wright, Guardian Sustainable Business)

“Carbon neutrality is an inescapable element
of ecological sustainability.”
(László A. Rampasek)

Be Carbon Neutral!

Our Mission and Vision

Global presence

Our goal is to build a community of partners, agents and members across continents with global reach and this cooperation and hard work will create a positive change in the ratio of energy production emitting harmful greenhouse gases and energy production utilizing renewable sources.

It is also our goal to become a dominant player in the market by using our business model which makes it possible for us to expand dynamically. Our intention is to involve and educate an ever-growing number of businesses and individuals in the benefits and opportunities of trading certified voluntary market carbon credits, thus ultimately creating higher awareness in society.

Individual responsibility

We aim to make saving energy and offsetting carbon emissions become the “norm” and the preferred lifestyle for more and more people, while also making carbon management and low emissions the best practice for businesses in general.

We are very passionate about getting low GHG emission lifestyles and consumer attitudes widely accepted and making people aware of the damages our current lifestyle causes through excessive consumption.


We are very passionate about getting low GHG emission lifestyles and consumer attitudes widely accepted and making people aware of the damages our current lifestyle causes through excessive consumption.

We believe that it serves the best interests of all to make a carbon neutral lifestyle the standard. However, we are aware that this can only be achieved on an individual basis. That’s why we work at the level of the individual, providing proper education and setting a good example to change everybody’s way of thinking, encouraging and strengthening social responsibility in each and every one of us.

The future of humanity depends on many factors, such as technological progress, our response to climate change, our access to energy resources, the quality and efficiency of health and education systems, and political and social stability.

One of the biggest challenges is the problem of climate change, which has serious consequences for human life and the planet’s ecosystem. Halting climate change and promoting sustainable development is essential for our future.

Technological progress continues to bring about significant changes in our lives. Advances in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) bring new opportunities and challenges to the labour market, but also the potential to improve human lives and make industry and services more efficient.

Improving health and education systems is essential to reduce social and economic inequalities and improve quality of life.

Looking to the future, we propose to be constantly aware of the challenges and opportunities ahead. Let us actively work to solve the problems we face and make the future better for all.

Our Mission and Vision - OurOffset - Go Green Live Green Work Green

Our Carbon-neutral Product Line

We strive to call attention to the importance of re-evaluating our current consumer attitudes and habits by presenting our premium quality carbon-neutral product line and providing a trademark that emphasizes carbon offsetting. It is our purpose to make environment-conscious customers, who consider it a determining factor when purchasing products and services, how those products were manufactured and transported, how much emission is resulted, how it can be offset, and last but not least how offsetting contributes to actual green projects.

Carbon neutral products and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions are receiving increasing attention as part of sustainability efforts. There is a growing demand in the business and consumer environment for carbon neutral products that minimize their impact on the environment. At the same time, the transition to carbon neutrality and the uptake of such products has many benefits and challenges. Here are some insights into the future of carbon neutral products:

Increasing demand: consumers are increasingly looking for products that have a lower environmental impact and prefer carbon neutral or low carbon footprint products. The growing interest in environmental awareness and sustainability is further stimulating demand for such products.

Business benefits: for companies, the production of carbon neutral products can provide an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and enhance business credibility. A commitment to sustainability and green business practices can make a company attractive to consumers and business partners.

Technological developments: research and development in alternative energy sources, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas absorption will drive the development of carbon neutral technologies and products. New innovations and technologies can enable more efficient and economical production of carbon neutral products.

However, it is important to note that carbon neutral products also face a number of challenges. These include the challenge of accurately measuring carbon dioxide emissions, the lack of necessary infrastructure and resources, and issues of cost and economic sustainability. These barriers may make it difficult to achieve widespread uptake and affordability of carbon neutral products.

However, future developments and efforts can facilitate the uptake of carbon neutral products. Technological advances and a growing global commitment to sustainability may provide opportunities to achieve carbon neutrality and the uptake of environmentally friendly solutions.

Both the business and consumer sectors have an important role to play in the future of carbon neutral products. Companies need to develop responsible manufacturing and business practices and consumers need to make environmentally responsible choices when purchasing products.

Overall, the future of carbon neutral products holds exciting opportunities for sustainability and greenhouse gas emission reduction. Dedicated efforts and innovation can help to ensure their wider uptake and contribute to the fight against climate change.