„The unfashionable truth is that the only way to take direct responsibility for [your] emissions is to enable an equivalent amount to be absorbed, or avoid being emitted, elsewhere.
In short, to offset.”
(Martin Wright, Guardian Sustainable Business)

“Carbon neutrality is an inescapable element
of ecological sustainability.”
– (László A. Rampasek)


Our Values

Our Values |OurOffset - Go Green Live Green Work GreenWe attach particular importance to our corporate culture and values. Our basic goals, our vision and business conduct are always in accordance with our values. This provides a solid foundation we have built our enterprise on, it makes us exceptional, i.e. different from our competitors on the market.

Honesty, responsibility, transparency and professionalism are the building blocks of our company which create the foundation for us to perform our job according to the highest standards possible, not only from a professional aspect but also in terms of being good in the deepest sense of the word. We hope that by doing so, we can make a difference and that it makes us worthy of building the business of the future.


We build trust through loyalty. And loyalty is important not only towards our partners, staff and agents. It is also important that we require loyalty from all the people we are connected to. We base our business relationships on honesty and ethics as we believe if we are to build high towers, decency is the best foundation.


We believe that responsibility is much more than a simple cliche. We are responsible for our own future as well as for leaving a clean and liveable environment in the hands of the coming generations. We take full responsibility for what we do, what we say and the advice given to others. Our goal is to surpass the expectations that we have set for ourselves for we know that is the key to success, not only our success but also that of our partners and agents.


Transparency and predictability in all business activities are two basic requirements we demand of ourselves when dealing with supervising authorities, partners, staff and members at all times. We are well aware of the fact that only then are we able to create trust and build long-term relationships. And these factors are the foundation to build our future on, also enabling us to reach our strategic goals at the same time.


We attach exceptional importance to working efficiently and high standards. The qualities we require of our staff and agents – dedication, being proactive and up-to-date in a professional sense – make us capable of achieving the results our partners can measurably profit from. Communication, a continuous exchange of ideas, efforts to unite our forces and innovation give us a competitive edge in development.