„The unfashionable truth is that the only way to take direct responsibility for [your] emissions is to enable an equivalent amount to be absorbed, or avoid being emitted, elsewhere.
In short, to offset.”
(Martin Wright, Guardian Sustainable Business)

“Carbon neutrality is an inescapable element
of ecological sustainability.”
(László A. Rampasek)

Be Carbon Neutral!

Our Business Solutions

Our Business Solutions

OurOffset is one of the most dynamic and innovative enterprises in the voluntary carbon credit market. Having recognized the great demand already present in international markets for such services, our company offers comprehensive solutions to small, medium-sized as well as big businesses in the field of emission measurement, efficient utilization of energy, carbon management and offsetting, also supporting their PR and marketing efforts to communicate environmental messages better.
We consider it our mission to raise personal awareness about why it is imperative to build a sustainable future, to stop the course of events that are adversely affecting our environment, thus creating a foundation on which both global cooperation and social responsibility can rest.

Our business model combines the most effective tools and methods of our modern times with the potential, both financial and social, found in network marketing and the power of a global community.

There are three key factors, working synergetically to help us progress in achieving our goals, that our company is founded on:

Our Business Solutions - OurOffset1. Carbon-related Services
 – Individuals
– How to Mitigate CO2 Emissions
– Recycling

 – Businesses
– Carbon Emission Measurement and Offsetting
– Carbon Management
– Energy Consumption Reduction
– Branding, Product and Service Certification
– Social Responsibility (CSR) program preparation
– Green Marketing, PR and Communications Support
– Training and Workshops

2. Operating a carbon credit trading platform

The secret of our business success is the alignment of individual and social interests. With that aspect especially in mind, we have worked out the OurOffset system that has a unique motivation and compensation scheme. It makes it possible for our members and partners participating in our sales network to get their fair share of the income we make from our activities listed above.

The OurOffset Carbon Trading Scheme (OOCTS) is a voluntary carbon credit trading system which makes it possible for members joining our system to purchase “voluntary market carbon credits” either to offset their own emission or to resell them. The credits owned by members are entered into an integrated registry, specially developed for our purposes.

Our system operates on the basis of various international methodologies at our clients. Thus, with the specific emission reduction, they can remain competitive after 2012 partly owing to the regulations, partly owing to the competition generated by the market conditions and owing to the recommended marketing communication.